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Meet Reena ​



Connecting through heart based living to all of creation is my deepest joy. Clearing dysfunction and distortions that prevent us from living our full potential is another delight of mine, and combined together they form my mission. I am here to help you, through empowered living, to walk through the gateway of your heart. Helping you to come back home to the innocence that you are, as you walk your path with integrity, sincerity, authenticity and deep courage.

​Reena's contributions:

  • Writer and contributor at: 

~ Eagle Tribe Magazine

~ Quantum Stones  


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Energy Healing, Light Language Art, Initiations, Mentorship.....

~ energy healing
~ personalized empowerment light language art creations

~ light language colouring-in mandala e-book
~ potions
~ mentorship
~ initiations

~ wearable technology (COMING SOON!)

Musings, wisdom and sharing my insights and everyday thoughts


I love writing, reflecting and sharing my insights, my wisdom, my experiences and my regular everyday thoughts. I invite you to peruse this space for tips and tools to help you navigate through your life.

Praise and gratitude

 “When I received Reena’s Empowerment sigil, I was filled with Light and every cell in my body danced with joy! I felt free. I placed the sigil under my bed and also on my altar. For the last week, I have been flooded with blessings and I have felt so much clearer on what steps to take in order to stand in my own power. I can feel this sigil is pure and is bringing forth MY powerful energies, which are abundant and regenerative. Thank you, Reena, for the gift of empowerment.”​

Tithes and donations gratefully welcome!


If what I share by way of my energy, videos and blog posts benefit you in any way, how willing are you to give back to me? I am happy to graciously receive your tithes and donations. It inspires me to keep sharing from an authentic and open platform and presence of Self. Inspiring Me to Inspire You to Be More of You.

We rise together in true unity consciousness.

What can I offer you? 


Click on the video to find out...

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